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2017.3.8 Spring party plan that is most suitable for welcome and farewell party and social gathering is 2,980 yen - appearance!
2017.3.8 Spring new delivery menu started! "Spring family set that up to 820-1010 yen is advantageous," this seasonally limited recommended menu including "pair set" debuts!
2017.3.1 [West Japan area limitation] Spring party plan reservation acceptance start! 70 kinds of renewal all-you-can-drink is very popular. It is available for welcome and farewell party.
2017.2.24 SALVATORE CUOMO comes up to LINE gift for a limited time! For a limited time: From Friday, February 24 to Thursday, March 23
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  1. SALVATORE CUOMO new world Taegu

    Thursday, December 15 Taegu (Korea)

    SALVATORE CUOMO new world Taegu Thursday, December 15 grand opening!

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