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Pizza of Salvatore Cuomo

Pizza of Salvatore shines to No. 1 by pizza world competition in Naples in 2006,
We won a prize for 3 consecutive years from 2006 and came in pursuit of taste of world level.
To have many of you know this discerning pizza more from now on,
SALVATORE CUOMO continues pursuing taste and service of "only one".

Winning the festival "PIZZA FEST" of the world's highest mountain highest award pizza "D.O.C" - doc ...

Original pizza of Salvatore Cuomo. We use bokkonchinichizu of 100% of water buffalo milk recognized as fully-ripened cherry tomato in severe production regulations D.O.C, and the name of pizza comes from the fact. It is right simple and luxurious pizza which expressed Naples.

Recommended menu of Salvatore

  • Margherita
    No. 1 representative pizza of red, white, green Italian collar. As for the pizza which is delicate simply because it is simple, tomato source of exclusive blend and Mozzarella cheese of water buffalo draw Salvatore's original deep taste.
  • Raw ham sausage
    We chose raw ham and salami sausage which rubbed, and stood, and were fragrant, and stood of Parma ham specialist authorized Salvatore careful selection.
  • bokkonchini
    Mozzarella cheese that one which the home Neapolitan Pizza must have is made from milk of water buffalo. We transport Mozzarella cheese "bokkonchini" of a mouthful size of 100% of rare water buffalo milk by air every week. Please enjoy taste of thick milk! (as for the photograph Caprese)
  • Aging beef
    You prepare for the aging meat which let you mature by method "Snow aging" (the snow room aging) to think that we are suitable most under the environment of Japan and can enjoy various dishes drawing taste of meat let alone steak.
  • Pescatore
    We fully use seasonal fishery products including mussels and prawns. Thick sauce which taste and tomato source of condensed fishery products harmonized with in a good balance is correct with sticky Linguine well.
  • Wine
    We have wine of sommelier careful selection from all the countries of the world. In addition, private brand wine to be able to enjoy only in us which we made with collaboration of Salvatore and winery prepares.

※There is menu without the handling by store, too. ※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

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