Feelings of Salvatore

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Feelings to the making of shop in pursuit of only one

  • 1 in Salvatore Cuomo market Hakata store
  • SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR Asakusa store
  • The Mori Salvatore Cuomo shop
  • 2 in Salvatore Cuomo market Hakata store
  • SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR Ikebukuro east store

Pizzeria & bar to be able to enjoy lively meal space casually authentic taste by weather

SALVATORE brand which person who has rendered distinguished services Salvatore Cuomo who spread Neapolitan Pizza in Japan produces.
Including pizza "D.O.C" which shined in the highest award in festival "PIZZA FEST" of pizza of the world's highest mountain - doc -,
You can enjoy charm of Neapolitan Pizza casually in stylish space.

Discerning kiln that firewood kiln which can be also known as symbol calls craftsman together from Naples and makes.
Though Neapolitan Pizza to bake by this kiln is thin cloth, it is sticky and is gem that fragrance of firewood is fragrant.

As for pizzeria-style or the bar-style mainly on pizza which expanded antipasto and second,
One which features store development that we checked in the use scene.
In addition, we perform delivery to be able to enjoy pizza of fresh one at home.
While we make use of unified quality only by chain development,
We will send taste and service of "only one" that we can experience only in SALVATORE CUOMO.

Genuine taste to bake by firewood kiln by craftsman of home Naples

Genuine Neapolitan Pizza that SALVATORE CUOMO followed traditional how to make of pizza birthplace "Naples." Handmade thing by kiln craftsman that firewood kiln which can be also known as symbol is famous in Naples. It is kiln craftsman that there are only several people, and it is said that we cannot make even if kiln which he makes does with contemporary knowledge and ability now. Craftsman's experience and this firewood kiln clogged up with the skill are pride of Salvatore. (except some stores)
Cloth baked by flame of about 450 degrees at a stretch becomes brown, and is fragrant, exquisite taste. We send genuine Neapolitan Pizza to be able to taste only by firewood kiln.

We look for delivery store of near the neighborhood in search of restaurant