Article offer

Store article offer

In Y's table corporation, we look for store article.

Contract is important The Y's table corporation direct management or franchisor
Business condition Pizzeria restaurant
Branch location The station square, commercial facilities, Hotel 1F, terminal
※It is station visual angle hope, but even third-class location is welcomed the second prize
※Selling a shop with stocks and all item, new item welcome
Branch area National prefectural seat and major cities
Store area ①45 tsubo - 60 tsubo degree (at commercial building office building hotels 1F or 2F belonging to direct stairs)
②10 tsubo - 15 tsubo degree (commercial facilities food court)
Others ①We can secure bicycle parking space of delivery motorcycle (down eyes: for around five = car one)

The branch results

There are a variety of branch results including building in, commercial facilities, hotel 1F.
It supports breakfast of hotel, and active correspondence including living together office tenant-like company percent correspondence is possible.

※As well as the above agreement, we consider depending on location, condition.
※We examine branch that we develop new type enterprise strategically if it is article put up of branch plan.

Building in hotel 1F

Commercial facilities (restaurant food court)

We look forward to various information such as selling a shop with stocks and all, new construction.

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