The artistic skill of Neapolitan Pizza craftsman
It was enrolled in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In Japan, SALVATORE CUOMO became focal point, and many customers gave signature of support to. All of you who cooperated with signature activity, thank you very much until now. This is not goal, and SALVATORE CUOMO will continue working on the spread of Neapolitan Pizza from now on. Your further support thank you for your cooperation.

※In UNESCO world heritage committee meeting held in Korea, Jeju Island on Thursday, December 7, 2017

We give a service with 100 pieces of Neapolitan Pizza for free very much

To all of you who supported registration to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, we hold event with feeling of thanks until now. On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, we give 100 pieces of pizzas free free in 1 store in each target Salvatore shop! Please thoroughly enjoy the skill of pizza craftsman and genuine Neapolitan Pizza.

Event summary

On the event date Wednesday, May 9, 2018 17:00 - / 17:30 ...
※Business hours vary according to stores in dinnertime
Event holding store Event conduct store is this
Contents To customer of visit, we give 100 pieces of several kinds of pizzas including marugerita and marinara free free.
※It should be the event end at the time of pizza 100 pieces offer.
※We provide pizza in buffet form (some offers methods are different).
Instructions ※We may arrange limit at time.
※We heard reservation of party plan at some stores. For more details, please refer to store (you did not hear reservation only for seat).