It is Italian between girls noisily! "White day girls-only gathering" of Salvatore Cuomo

Girls-only gathering course with three major privileges of "rose sparkling wine for toast" "180 minutes system" "special dessert" for a limited time comes up! Please enjoy hors d'oeuvres served in the high tea stands and all 11 articles of dishes and type-rich drink that roast pork, feeling including chocolate fondue become lively.
※We become guide in 120 minutes system at some stores.

List of sale stores

Tokyo, the downtown area

The eastern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

The southern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

The northern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

Tokyo - suburbs of Tokyo

Hokkaido, Tohoku

Hokuriku, Koshinnetsu






Chugoku, Shikoku

Kyushu, Okinawa