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Application of this campaign was finished. Thank you for your much application.

Let's get Italian round-trip airline ticket!
  • We take photograph and post on Instagram

We respond in official account of Salvatore Cuomo,
We take Neapolitan Pizza for you with photoprops, and let's post!
Shooting place is OK with both home, restaurants!
Even if other dishes and people enter as well as pizza, even pizza except SALVATORE CUOMO is OK!

With photoprops

It is pretty small tool enlivening photography.
We prepare SALVATORE CUOMO original photoprops.
I hand at the time of delivery delivery. We install in table in restaurant store.
When download from our site; this

Present contents

Highest award Italian round-trip airline ticket

The highest award
(one set of two people)

Italian round-trip airline ticket

For gift ticket 5,000 yen to be usable in photogenic prize us

Photogenic prize
(ten people)

For gift ticket 5,000 yen to be usable in us

pittsuamarugerita ticket present which is usable in Salvatore Prize SALVATORE CUOMO!

Salvatore Prize
(100 people)

It is usable in SALVATORE CUOMO
pittsuamarugerita ticket present!

Campaign application method

We install Instagram in step 1 smartphone


We install Instagram in smartphone

We respond in step 2 formula account


We respond in official account

Instagram account

Let's take step 3 Neapolitan Pizza and dishes and photograph!


Let's take Neapolitan Pizza photograph for you with photoprops!

We input, and "Salvatore # reward Salvatore is posted on step 4 comment with # smile" designated hashtag!


We input, and "Salvatore # reward Salvatore is posted on comment with # smile" designated hashtag!

Figure of step 5 application completion


Contribution completion!

The following contributions become invalid.

  • Account secrecy
  • Hashtag is not on
  • Thing thought to be advertisement
  • Vicious thing
Downloading for photoprop scalar Downloading for photoprops B/W

Application terms

"Neapolitan Pizza photo contest" (called "this plan" as follows) is plan that used our campaign site (called "our site" as follows) that Y's table corporation Corporation (called "us" as follows) provides. Please read the following application terms (called "these terms" as follows) before it is applied for this plan. We consider that customer (called "applicant" as follows) applied for this plan agreed to these terms, and these terms are applied between us. As these terms may change without notice, each application, we hope that we have you confirm the latest contents in "our site". ※Campaign site: 1 application period "Neapolitan Pizza photo contest" We validate contribution until from Wednesday, November 29, 2017 to Friday, February 9, 2018. (we may be changed during period) 2 prizes The highest award: Italian round-trip airline ticket one set two people (it becomes offer of airline ticket. Only as for the economy class. Fuel surcharge, airport tax become elected candidate burden.) Photogenic prize: It is ten people Salvatore Prize for gift ticket 5,000 yen to be usable in us: pittsuamarugerita ticket present which is usable in SALVATORE CUOMO! We will tell about notification of 100 people election by direct message of Instagram individually by the end of February, 2018. We will tell only elected candidate about details schedule and the details of instructions (right essential point). ※When less than seven days do not have notification, please be careful as you invalidate election when prize has been sent back in absenteeism, address unknown. ※Shipment of product is limited to Japan. 3 application method & qualifications About 3-1 application method ①We respond in official account "@salvatorecuomo_jp" of Salvatore Cuomo ②We take photograph (the scenes eating happily together) of Neapolitan Pizza for you with photoprops. ※We are not precocious only for image which photographed our product. In addition, we may not treat image which photographed our product well in examination. ③#We attach, and "Salvatore "# reward Salvatore" is posted on Instagram with # smile" hashtag. About 3-2 qualifications Application lives in Japan, and please let me limit to posted on Instagram with "Salvatore "# reward Salvatore" with with # smile". ・Contribution not to have account secrecy, hashtag becomes out of application object. ・Of one applied for as for the expenses such as Internet connection fee about application, packet transmission costs burden. ・Due to model of smartphone of errand and the use situation, communication environment, we may not apply. ・Please refer to the cell-phone companies or manufacturer of manufacturer for inquiry about setting of smartphone. ・Please inquire whether inquiry about operation methods about Instagram to apply has you refer to how to use Instagram to Instagram. ・By server congestion, we may not apply. Instructions about this 4 plan participation Right that we hold for 4-1 contribution work ・We hold three years in limit in right to use in anthology, brochure to produce other than homepage, SNS account that we run, display by event about contribution work. ・We may use contribution work as publicity work of this plan on newspaper, magazine, TV, homepage. We may perform full name, steering wheel name indication of applicant in use. About 4-2 contribution work ・Thing which applicant you photographed is best as for contribution work. ・Copyright of contribution work belongs to photographer. ・Thing that consent of subject is provided about application to this plan is best as for contribution work. ・When we publish contribution work and use, we revise size and color and may adjust. ・We cannot accept requests such as return of contribution work. ・As for the contribution work, the second use may be carried out downloading by third party from our site. ・When you decline application, please delete contribution work from Instagram. About prohibition act of 4-3 work having you post ・Act (please refrain from contribution of image which another person photographed) to post image which person except applicant photographed on ・Act to post image which consent of subject is not got from on ・Act to list information that can identify individual in contribution work ・Act to post image announced at other printed matter, exhibitions on ・Act that assistance, invitation, compulsion promotes act to violate laws and ordinances and act to violate ・Act to give excessive burden to server of our site ・Act to interfere with administration of this plan ・Act to interfere with application to this plan of other customers ・Preelection campaigning, election campaign of election or act similar to these and act in conflict with the Public Officers Election Act ・Act to violate honor of another person, social trust, privacy, right of likeness, the publicity right, copyright or other intellectual property rights, other rights. (including all thing which established in laws and ordinances and the things approved in precedent) ・Act to correspond to slander, threat, harassment to other customers ・Buying and selling act, auction act, money payment and other similar acts ・Act for the purpose of invitation such as advertisement of product and service, publicly other spam mails, chain mail of profile contents for the purpose of advertising ・Spoofing act by giving organization name such as the name of another person, other companies ・Act against public order and morals, something about everything ・Act to violate terms of Instagram ・Other acts to follow as above ・Please refrain from application of the person concerned About publication cancellation of 4-4 contribution work When we judge when it is contents which violated these other terms when we judge us to correspond to the prohibition act mentioned above, we shall be able to cancel election and publication to our site. When case and publication that publication was stopped are canceled, we do not do news of so. In addition, we cannot reply inquiry about the reason. About management solution of this 5 plans ・We may change contents and condition of this plan without notice. When we judge that we are necessary, we can change these terms freely and shall be able to take every correspondence necessary to find appropriate operation of our site. ・Applicant shall obey our management solution on applying for this plan and shall not state objection about the management solution at all. <about interruption of service or cancellation> We stop this service or may cancel temporarily without notifying beforehand when any of the following occurs. 1.Even if delay, interruption, cancellation of offer of this service occurred by reason except the above-mentioned case when interruption, cancellation of this service judge with need on technique in others, administration 5 by natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami 4 by fire, blackout 3 by malfunction of system 2 when it is periodical or we urgently perform maintenance of system of this service when offer of this service becomes impossible when offer of this service becomes impossible when offer of this service becomes impossible, we shall not take responsibility for all about the damage that participant caused by this or third party put on. <recommended movement environment> [Windows] More than Windows after seven Internet Explorer11.0, Google Chrome is the latest, and Firefox is the latest [Mac] The Mac OS after 10.8 Safari latest edition, the Google Chrome latest edition, the Firefox latest edition [smartphone] After iOS7.0 after Android4.3 about JavaScript In our site, we use JavaScript. When JavaScript function is invalidated by browser of errand, it does not function definitely or we may not be displayed definitely. When you look at, please validate JavaScript by browser setting. 6 privacy policies Personal information that I took on application to this plan is intended only to use in selection of this plan and does not use for other purposes at all. About the handling of our personal information, please confirm privacy policy (URL: 7 compensation responsibility ・When dispute occurs between third party with applicant about application to this plan, applicant shall solve the dispute by own responsibility and chargeout. 8 disclaimers About the damage of applicant who occurred in conjunction with application to this plan or third party or the use of our site or the damage to occur by suspension or system defectiveness, we shall not take in principle responsibility for all. In addition, when we judge that applicant violates these terms, we shall be able to take measures that we such as block of account, deletion of contribution contents in this plan judge with need, and we shall not take in principle responsibility for all about the damage that applicant in this way put on either. Reference about this 9 plans Our reference: ※About inquiry that we got, we see for from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and cope sequentially. ※As we are absent from duties on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, reply may be delayed. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

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