To person who registered friend
Thank you, we deliver coupon!

Restaurant coupon
Delivery coupon

Friend registration is easy!
Registration method checks the following

We search store, and friend registers

Search favorite restaurant store, delivery store of neighborhood,
In the case of smartphone, in the case of from PC, please register friend by quic response cord reading from "friend addition" button.
※Please confirm that you install LINE application.
※There is store where we do not introduce LINE @ into. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Friend registers from LINE application

It is registered by quic response cord

"+" of top right corner

Screen 1

Quic response cord

Screen 2

Quic response reading

Screen 3

Friend addition

Screen 4

List of LINE @ conduct stores

Tokyo, the downtown area

The eastern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

The southern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

The northern part of -23 wards of Tokyo

Tokyo - suburbs of Tokyo

Hokkaido, Tohoku

Hokuriku, Koshinnetsu






Chugoku, Shikoku

Kyushu, Okinawa