Pizza competition that PIZZA SALVATORE CUOMO hosts in the company

The 14th PIZZA FEST pizza fest

With What's Pizza Fest pizza fest

Pizza of Salvatore Cuomo loses pittsuaioro (pizza craftsman) and cannot talk.
Humidity and temperature, all including keeping burning, state of kiln best from the formation of cloth lead to taste of pizza.
Mirror that the making of pizza copies heart of craftsman. It is delicate thing which taste turns into in state of builder.
We acquire experience under the severe instruction and are always opposite to pizza by fight with real swords…It is treasure of Salvatore, "pittsuaioro".
We hold competition to decide top of pittsuaioro acting in national in the company in Salvatore Cuomo every year.

0 the 14th participant total number

14th Pizza Fest Overview 14th pizza fest holding summary

Qualifier is held from October through November in each place, and pittsuaioro which attained a full victory becomes final contest participation.
Further fight is developed in the semifinals,
Six best who won and advanced to the next around of aims at top in the final.

Holding summary


Primary meeting
From October, 2016 to November
The semifinals
January, 2017
The final
March, 2017

Holding place

The final

Participation qualification

Being PIZZA official approval passer

Competition contents, examination method

When it is over time limit, we are disqualified (the outside targeted for examination)

Primary meeting
We burn marugerita one piece within three minutes in time limit and provide
●marugerita…bokkonchini (Mozzarella cheese) to use is three. Tear off by oneself; and topping. Use impasto (cloth) is 250 g. Person from evaluation point high rank of each group becomes advance to the semifinals
The semifinals
marugerita marinara No. 1 bakes one piece each within five minutes 30 seconds in time limit and provides
●marugerita…As well as qualifier
●marinara No. 1…
Use of tomato source oregano, garlic, basil, salt, oil. Person from evaluation point high rank makes a foray into the final
The final
We bake one piece each and provide marugerita original pizza within five minutes 30 seconds in time limit
●marugerita…As well as the semifinals
●Original pizza…
We make original pizza which is not hard taste. Three high ranks become commendation in point system

Examination standard

Balance, doneness of taste, speed, appearance, size, temperature, topping

The 14th prize winner is this


Than Salvatore Cuomo

We reached today to enjoy this final. We begin final of the 14th SALVATORE CUOMO Pizza Fest than this. Anyway, we enjoy, and point becomes higher if we can make Pizza in the same way as time to provide to usual customer. Strain is the first enemy. You deliver live this time in WEB, but please be relaxed without being tense! Please serve delicious Pizza!

Championship Finalists 14th finalist introduction

※Publication contents are things as of March, 2017.

Result Announcement 14th receiving a prize pittsuaioro

From many participants, three pittsuaioro high ranks were decided this year.
Taking the opportunity of this receiving a prize, we expect further technical improvement and achievement! Everybody, please go to visit shop which there is of receiving a prize pittsuaioro!


Main room great thinker (hommaakihito)


Ryohei Fujisaki (Fujisaki Ryohei)


Daisuke Sakamoto (slope cause Daisuke)

※Publication contents are things as of March, 2017.

Photo Garalley photogallery

※Publication contents are things as of March, 2017.