We spread Neapolitan Pizza in Japan and enlarge place of achievement now to the world
Italian whom international group chef, Salvatore Cuomo deal with

When delicious wine is reasonable, and, let alone pizza of world No. 1, can enjoy casually; pizzeria bar of favorable reception. Antipasto (snacks) and grill dishes are fulfilling to be able to enjoy delicious wine more casually. Stylish space where the shop is lined with winebottles. Let alone the use of dinner, opening-like terrace seat is good to lunch and cafe. It is use idadakemasu in various scenes. In addition, you can enjoy genuine Neapolitan Pizza at the workplace and home as you can order even delivery.

[announcement of business hours shortening]
Thank you very much for usually using SALVATORE CUOMO & BAR Oimachi more.
We shorten closing time of dinnertime as follows and will do business during Sunday for from Monday, March 2, 2020 to 15th.
・Restaurant /OPEN - 20:00 (LO 19:30)
・Delivery /OPEN - 19:30
We would appreciate your contacting store for the details.


  • 〒140-0014 1-1-1, Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo atre 2, Oi-machi 2F
  • JR Line "Oimachi Station" east exit 1-minute walk
    Tokyu Oimachi Line "Oimachi Station" 1-minute walk
    Rinkai Line "Oimachi Station" 1-minute walk
  • You make a reservation, and refer
  • Number for exclusive use of delivery
  • White day girls-only gathering
  • Prawns crab fair "SHRIMP CRAB" of Salvatore Cuomo
  • Spring party course