Under recruitment of members of Salvatore Cuomo wine club! Annual dues, enrolment fee are free. We send advantageous information from Salvatore by email. Please refer to store for the enrollment.

Wine club registration method

  • ※The enrollment is easy! In the case of PC, "free registration clicks this", and please send empty email. In the case of smart device, you read displayed quic response code, and please send empty email.
  • ※After the transmission, reply email may be late. When there is not reply, please refer.
  • ※Please be careful about filtering setting of email. In the case of the domain designated reception, please add [salvatore.jp].
  • ※We cannot register again anymore at other stores when there is registration and merely holds.

Free registration is this

The email transmission empty by quic response cord reading

wine @ salvatore.jp

Registration free by the sky email transmission

The registration email transmission
We search restaurant of neighborhood